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Xperinet shutters media server business

Xperinet shutters media server business

Xperinet MIRVAs a follow up to the latest article; it has been confirmed by CEPro that Xperinet has closed operations.

It all started on 1st August of this year when CEO John Cox sent out the quote previously posted to sales reps. Citing the downturn in the economy, Cox said they will be filing for bankruptcy unless they can find a buyer or receive $400,000 in investment.

But there is more to this story than just a bad economy. In August of 2007 the company announced a media client named the Tarpon which never shipped because they never received the software. Earlier this year they announced Blu-ray support which was incompatible with their Linux operating system so they switched to a Windows platform, but this also failed to come to market. They instead preloaded Blu-ray Disc movies to the server, but this limited the end user to loading DVDs only.

They are claiming on developing a new platform, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for this. The media server market is getting crowded and I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened to another company or two – or at least getting bought up by bigger companies.

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