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Xperinet to Add Support for Blu-ray, HD DVD

Xperinet to Add Support for Blu-ray, HD DVD

In the growing consumer market of multimedia servers, Xperinet boasts the first server capable of delivering DVD, CD and VHS content – and soon, Blu-ray and HD DVD will be available.

I am happy to learn about the new 2007 line of MIRV multimedia servers. Based on a Linux core with a fault-tollerant RAID-6 array of hot-swappable hard drives, you will be able to backup any audio/video content you can think of, including VHS and LaserDisc through the video capture card. Xperinet avoids any potentially legal DRM issues with the DVD backup software by not providing the ripping codec; instead it is a simple process of inputting an URL to a website that supplies the codec and you’re up and running. Xperinet offers instructions to get you going in the right direction here – I’ve done it a few times and it really is simple.

Xperinet MIRV

The older model MIRV servers look (and sound) much more like a computer than a piece of audio/video gear. The ventilation fans in the case are loud, so I don’t recommend putting the server in the same room you plan on screening movies, but the convenience of being able to bring up your entire DVD and CD collection right on your display in a well-organized menu system is a joy. However, Xperinet just released their new 2007 line of MIRV server systems in a “silent case” using heat pipes (these are now shipping to dealers). These should be much quieter than the previous models, but I haven’t had the opportunity to get my hands on one of these. You can stream high-def content across your Cat5 network to up to 20 silent, fanless clients. The clients also include a DVD drive so you can quickly watch a DVD or rip one to the server from another room.

The 2007 MIRV servers will also boast 1080p decoding and storage of high-definition content as well as HDCP compliant HDMI outputs. The HD DVD and Blu-ray drives Xperinet is working on will connect to the system via USB 2.0 and will allow the customer to store their high-def collection. The HD DVD and BD solutions will be released later in the year, but all the new 1080p capable MIRV systems will be compatible. I’m a little concerned about this considering the AACS is working up a new batch of rules concerning managed copy protection.

I have also learned that Xperinet is working on a distribution client that is extra-thin that will mount to the rear of your flat panel display that will receive 1080p content from the MIRV server. This client will not have a DVD drive in it. This item will be displayed at CEDIA Expo in September. I’m very interested to see this.

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  1. on 29 Aug 2007 at 2:02 PM 1.Xperinet announces Blu-ray support » Blu-ray, HD DVD, info at said …

    […] Xperinet announces Blu-ray support In some interesting news not quite as important at the Paramount/DreamWorks announcement, Xperinet has fully backed the Blu-ray Disc format. Previously, Xperinet had announced they were working on both Blu-ray and HD DVD support, but today they have announced they fully support Blu-ray. “Xperinet’s leadership position in media servers for this industry strikes an important win for the Blu-ray camp,” said Aaron Chisena, Director of US Sales for Xperinet, perhaps hyping the company’s market position a bit. “HD content is essential for revealing the capabilities of today’s 1080p displays, and no one wants to search through disks any more to find a movie.” I previously reported that Xperinet would offer USB drives for both HD DVD and Blu-ray, and this appears to place the company firmly in the Blu-ray family. The press release even starts saying, “In yet another coup de grace for the fading HD DVD camp, Blu-ray Disc has succeeded in wooing Xperinet, Inc.” They go on to say their media servers and delivery clients will solidify “the format’s dominance over HD DVD in the marketplace.” Scheduled to appear at CEDIA Expo next week, the Blu-ray enabled systems will ship in October, and the USB upgrade kit will be available for existing MIRV servers in homes. The media servers will include a BD-ROM drive for loading 1080p content in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/H.264. No word on if the VC-1 encoded films (like The Prestige and Deja Vu) will be supported. Xperinet does get to claim the title of first custom electronics integration company to throw their weight (caveat: not a lot of weigh) behind Blu-ray. Share this article: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

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