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Alienware details new High Definition Media Server

Alienware details new High Definition Media Server

The latest, greatest Windows Media Center is the new Alienware High Definition Media Server. Besides its ubiquitous name, the High Definition Media Server (I’m going to call it the HDMS) has a sleek design, up to 4TB storage in RAID-5 redundancy, Intel quad-core processor, 1080p video, Blu-ray Disc read/write, up to four cable tuners (two in high-def), and 7.1 channel pre-amp outputs.

Alienware High Definition Media Server

At this point there is no MSRP. Alienware is searching for custom installation firms interested in integrating this product into high-end homes. If I had an undisclosed amount of money I’d consider this.

Visit the Alienware site for more details.

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