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All about 3D

All about 3D

Blu-ray Disc logoLast week the Blu-ray Disc Association announced a unified specification for 3D content. Called “Blu-ray 3D,” the finalized spec averts another format war, and has pushed the street date for Blu-ray hardware up to second quarter 2010.

The implications of this achievement means compatibility between differing manufacturers with 3D content. Different display manufacturers will still have different shutter eyeglass technologies, but the software delivery is codified.

3D Displays and BD players will be revealed at CES in January. Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, and Samsung are all showing their designs.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 will also get real 3D gaming with a future firmware update.

HD Guru reported 3D content will play at 48fps, which means 24fps per eye. The 3D displays that manufacturers have shown have been 120Hz or 240Hz, so the video will be multiplied within the display’s processing.

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