Amazing Examples of New Mass Transit Technology

With a lot of online casinos and real money slots, it is very safe to conclude that the world is flooded with a lot of visionaries. These people are the real heroes who are very much determined to take the world forward with some world-class invention. To them, it doesn’t matter what they intend to lose in the long run as long as they make sure that the world is now a better place for everyone despite different race and beliefs. 

arc of light in the sky caused by a rocket

Well, visionaries in this world are predicting a zero-emission autonomous future for transportation. Some of the innovations that are emerging are pushing towards something technologically possible. The evident is available from some of the innovations that we are about to mention below. 

City to City Rockets

Have you ever imagined flying across the world-class Atlantic Ocean for an urgent meeting during that same morning? This is actually on the verge of being very close. 

The city to city rocket is actually a brainchild of the tech genius Elon Musk. The aim of this rocket is to enable transport, people, from New York City to London in a space of 29 minutes. , is the stage where technology is aiming to reach. The nickname of the Rocket is known as BFR (Big F****g Rocket)

Flying Taxi 

Flying Taxi? You might be wondering what is really going on in the tech industry. With a lot of cities in the world facing some traffic congesting spending long hours stuck in traffic jams but you can always online casino gambling. Well, the Uber company has come with a brilliant and confusing idea of coming up with flying taxis. This project of flying is actually imminent and it must come into effect in two years’ time. Time flies just like the flying taxi, therefore, there is no time to waste for Uber to get this project to get done, therefore.

And since they are partnering NASA to create a reliable and dedicated transport system that encompasses a robust traffic control system for this marvellous new service

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