Applications that are a Must for your iPhone

The number of people who use iPhones are growing each day. With every new model of the iPhone that is released scores of people abandon their old phone for a brand-new iPhone. That is why we want to recommend a few applications that you need to have on iPhone. 

iphone app icons

Best iPhone Applications

Google Maps

We know that you may use the iPhone navigator app, Maps on your phone. However, Maps does have a record of being notorious and causing navigation problems. That is why we recommend Google Maps. It easier to use and it does what it is meant to do. 


If you are the one who loves to play real money meilleur jeu casino then we suggest that you get BillGuard. The application is like your own financial advisor. It keeps track of all your spending habits and will notify you if you have overspent at any point. 


If you are into social media marketing, then Buffer is the perfect application for your iPhone. It works like Hotsuite. Meaning that you can schedule your post to when they will be most effective. Have your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all under control. 


For those who love to buy things online, we recommend Dashline. Dashline is like your own personal online shopping diary. And like a diary, it keeps all your online buying information. Even if they may have been lost in your email.


On the move or looking for a place to stay or best Betting Site Online? We recommend that you get yourself Zillow. Zillow is like your personal real estate agent. It crawls through all the available properties in your area, and you can even narrow down the search in line with your budget. That way you don’t have to go from website to website looking for the best place to stay. Do it all with a few clicks of a button and a few swipes of the screen. 

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