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Blockbuster expands Blu-ray to all US and Canadian stores

Blockbuster expands Blu-ray to all US and Canadian stores

Blockbuster logoLast year, Blockbuster Video scandalized the “format war” by choosing Blu-ray for 1,700 of their stores across North America. Yesterday they announced they will be expanding to all corporate stores in the US and Canada. Franchise stores are not included, but can opt-in if they’re willing. With nearly 5,200 stores in the US, this is a big boost for the Blu-ray business.

Not only will they feature Blu-ray rentals and purchases, they are also pushing Blu-ray by displaying a kiosk with a 42″ HD television and a Sony Playstation 3 playing Blu-ray content. Another example of the industry now fully embracing the winning format.

While this is all good for some, locally there have been five Blockbuster franchise stores close in the past several months. It is beginning to look like the brick-and-mortar video rental shops are increasingly less sustainable. With Movie Gallery filing bankruptcy in October of last year, and their subsequent closing of 500 stores, they too are looking to online rental and video downloads to increase their business.

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