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Blu-ray Disc adoption is surging

Blu-ray Disc adoption is surging

Blu-ray Disc logoI know some people won’t believe it, but that’s only because technology is kind of like politics and religion; take what you want from it and argue to the death over the merits of your opinion. But facts are facts, people! Blu-ray Disc is not a dying format, in fact NPD has just released numbers indicating Blu-ray player sales have increased a whopping 72% over last year.

Let’s put this in primary school math-speak: One year farmer John sells 10 apples at his fruit stand, and the next year he sells 17 apples.

This correlates to more than 400,000 standalone Blu-ray players in the first quarter of 2009. That’s right, one of the worst quarters for retail in decades.

web-research_5_11The report also claims consumer awareness of Blu-ray Disc has reached upwards of 90%, with 6% “extremely or very likely” to buy a high-definition player within six-months.

In other news, Home Media Magazine is reporting Blu-ray software sales for week ended 3rd May are up 177% over last year. That means farmer John sold 27 oranges this year compared with last year’s 10. And these trends have been going up since the end of the format war. So much for all this talk about a failed format.

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