Blu-ray &Hardware Steven Kippel on 04 May 2009

Will Apple get Blu-ray?

Will Apple get Blu-ray?

Apple logoIt’s hard to believe Apple would be so mindful of its PC user base to add a strong feature such as Blu-ray support without also giving it to their Apple users. It would seem unwise to give the PC such an advantage with Apple’s own software. This is why it has been rumored Apple is getting ready to add Blu-ray to their next generation computers. is reporting that Apple will be adding Blu-ray Disc support to iTunes in the upcoming version 8.2. This of course would suggest the Macintosh computers would be in line to receive hardware upgrades as well.

It only makes sense. Blu-ray is commanding upwards of 20% of the market now, and Apple is fighting Microsoft for the living room. Adding Blu-ray support to the inexpensive AppleTV would certainly give Apple an advantage over many competing products, such as Vudu, Blockbuster, etc.

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