Blu-ray love: Why do you love Blu-ray Disc?

Blu-rayLoveBlu-ray lovers, speak your mind!
On this Valentines’ Day, I decided to ask my readers and the internet community why they love the Blu-ray Disc format. There are a lot of reasons that people might choose Blu-ray over HD DVD, some of these reasons might include a wider selection of titles available on Blu-ray, owning a PS3 or the availability of Blu-ray burners. Whether you are an avid Blu-ray supporter, a fanatic, an early adopter or you just simply like Blu-ray better, I want to know why!

Post in the comments section of this article to let me know why you opt for Blu-ray instead of HD DVD. If you love HD DVD instead of Blu-ray, please post in this article.

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8 Comments on “Blu-ray love: Why do you love Blu-ray Disc?”

  1. The image is better than any high-def satellite or cable channel. The quantity of software and hardware support ensures I won’t be stuck with a dead format.

  2. My PS3 automagically makes me a Blu-ray supporter. No sense in me going out to purchase an HD DVD drive when I’ve got a Blu-ray player right here in my PS3.

  3. I love Blu-ray because we can burn BD discs! There’s no HD-DVD burner yet eh?

    If there’s HD-DVD burner I still love Blu-ray since it can burn 25GB within 23 mins! 😉

    Also next month there will be few brands releasing hybrid but still BD burners and HD-DVD “reader”, ie LG GGW-H10N. 🙂

  4. Any movie in h.264 on a 30 GB Hd-DVD will look 20 GBs better on a 50 GB BD in h.264. nuff said.

    besides, you need 50 GB for amazing looking HD tv shows. Ever seen stargate sg-1/atlantis on SkyOneHD? yes the quality is stellar and you could fit that quality on HD-DVDs, but Blu-ray will be better. How about 50 GBs of 30+mbit h.264 goodness per disc?!?! It’ll be heaven on earth! Hopefully they’ll make the bitrates that high of course…

  5. I don´t need to spend time writing about graphics, sound, capacity, burning functionality, etc…. this is a natural result of the high technology…
    I am from Brazil, I live in Sao Paulo, and I am fanatic about Blue Ray since the very beginning when discussions about the format was populating around the world. Reading the technical articles I understood that choosing BD I wouldn´t make mistake, wouldn´t regret, because of its technology, flexibility, future capacity of update, partnership in games and cinema areas, and the actual status is a positive answer to my decision. I bought PS3 last week in New York, and my kids first question was: “is it for you or for us???”
    Then, one said to the other: “it seems that we will not have too much chance to play…..soon he will by another one”.

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