HD DVD love: Why do you love HD DVD?

HDDVDloveHD DVD lovers, speak your mind!
On this Valentines’ Day, I decided to ask my readers and the internet community why they love the HD DVD format. There are a lot of reasons that people might choose HD DVD over Blu-ray, some of these reasons might include an interest in Universal Studios films, owning an XBox 360 HD DVD drive or the lower cost of HD DVD standalone players. Whether you are an avid HD DVD supporter, a fanatic, an early adopter or you just simply like HD DVD better, I want to know why!

Post in the comments section of this article to let me know why you opt for HD DVD instead of Blu-ray. If you love Blu-ray instead of HD DVD, please post in this article.

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11 Comments on “HD DVD love: Why do you love HD DVD?”

  1. I chose HD DVD because it’s cheaper and it isn’t Sony. Who wants Sony restrictions and DRM crap telling you what to do with your own property and charging you out the arse for their formats.

  2. I love HD-DVD because there’s no saying about “blue” in title. I like blue color but I like Green better. 😉

  3. Because HDDVD doesn’t have that annoyingly continual menu pop-up that Bluray does. Start-up times are one thing, but Bluray continually slows you down as you move around through the disk menus and such.

    Huge difference.

  4. I have no idea what menu pop-up he’s talking about either. Maybe it’s specific to a certain player or disc?

    Derek, if you could provide a specific example disc and player, maybe we could get a better idea of what you are talking about.

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