Disadvantages of technology on people

The impact made by technology is visibly seen in people’s lives. Technology has an impact on every area of life from productivity, food, healthcare, behavioural patterns, socialization and transport. Though the impact might be more on the positive side, technology has its disadvantages on people. The article gives some of the disadvantages technology has on people.

Health problems.

Technology affects our health. There are different diseases found in people caused by extensive use of technology including People are using their smartphones and computer a lot these days and it’s affecting people’s health. Some of the effects of technology on people‘s health are listed below

Hearing challenges.

Eyesight problems.

Brain Cancer.

Scrotal Hyperthermia in men.

Weight increase.


Technology wastes people’s time.

It wastes our time since it is easily accessible and can be very enticing. People have access to different technological gadgets like television, mobile phones, best online pokies Australia game and play stations. Since they are easily accessible due to their nature, they can distract people from important work.

Technology distracts people from the important stuff.

Mobile phones and computers are the most distracting things these days. One can easily get distracted by their phone, especially with social media platforms. They are always things to see online that can easily divert your attention from your work. People can easily lose interest in their work and waste time using phones or scrolling on the internet.

Technology addiction.

It can be defined as a regular and compulsive need to utilize any form of technology. Most young people are addicted to their gadgets and have technology dependency. Anywhere you go you always see people on their phones. People no longer communicate with each other like they used to. Even when eating or in the bathroom, you will find people scrolling on their phones.

Social Separation.

As much as technology brings people together in one place, it’s isolating online casino players from real life. People are always on their smartphones or watching movies and don’t want to do anything else. Such that people no longer visit each other they just talk on their phones.


In conclusion, the article highlighted the disadvantages of technology for people. Now that you know make sure you limit the amount of time you spend on your gadgets. Start a conversation with someone and be sure to get up from your couch and exercise.

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