Blu-ray &DVD Steven Kippel on 20 Dec 2008

First Blu-ray/DVD hybrid disc released in Japan

First Blu-ray/DVD hybrid disc released in Japan

Japan’s Infinity Storage Media announced this week the world’s very first BD-DVD hybrid disc. This disc will be formatted to playback in a standard DVD player and Blu-ray Disc player while preserving a label-side. Both formats will be on the same side.


The first layer (closest to the surface) is a single-layer BD25 (25GB) followed by two DVD layers (8.5GB together). This hybrid format will play in regular players.

The first title available in this format is a Japanese TV program called Code Blue. It will be released in a multi-disc box set

Infinity Storage Media says they are working on a dual-layer BD/single-layer DVD hybrid disc as well. This will have 50GB for Blu-ray and 4.7GB for DVD.

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