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Redbox expands reach

Redbox expands reach

Redbox logoRedbox has begun installing their planned roll-out of 2,600 DVD rental kiosks in 7-Eleven stores, airports and gas stations across the country. Soon you will be able to pick up a rental when you stop for gas on your way home and drop it off at the grocery store when you’re done.

Airports receiving kiosks include General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, WI, Nashville International Airport in Nashville, TN, and Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, MI. So just in case you quit your job brewing beer in Milwaukee to pursue your musical career in Nashville, you can rent a movie from Redbox for the trip down.

Gas station chains Maverick of Tennessee, Royal Farms of Maryland, and Thortons of Wisconsin are all scheduled to to receive rental stations. This could be big news, but I’m in California and haven’t heard of any of those chains.

Redbox is currently available at Walmart stores, and many pharmacies and grocery stores.

Redbox rentals cost $0.99 per day.

Source: Home Media Magazine

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  1. on 18 Dec 2008 at 8:18 AM 1.Netflix 14 Day Trial said …

    I love the Redbox kiosk at the local Giant Eagle. The only issue is the availability of movies but being able to reserve movies before driving to the store is very helpful.

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