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How to use a front projector in a bright room

How to use a front projector in a bright room

Movies have always been best experienced on large screens with a front projection system. From the golden era of Hollywood, up to the 3D revolution of today, large projection screens have provided an immersive experience. Over the past couple of decades, theater equipment has been making its way into homes to provide a true home theater.

One draw back of front projection is a room really needs to be dedicated to the home theater for the best image results. Because the projector is shooting light across the open room onto the screen, any other lights in the room also reflect of the screen. Walls have to be painted in dark colors as well to keep the reflected light from competing with the screen image. Most people can’t afford to dedicate a whole room just to home theater, so we’re left with a problem: have dark walls, low lights, and think window curtains, or forgo the projection image until night time.

Screen Innovations has provided a solution by developing a black projection screen. The Black Diamond II HD is a deep grey color which allows for projection images to be displayed acceptably in high-lighting situations – even outdoors!

Screen Innovations claims the black screen material increases the contrast of the projector by up to 300%. The material is made to only reflect light shining directly at it, and cancels light coming from other sources. And it really does work.

[youtube kOgXhhm3ttY]

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