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Hulu planning subscription service

Hulu planning subscription service

Hulu logoWe told you about indications of a subscription service from Hulu this past October, and now it seems like an imminent reality. Beginning in May, Hulu will begin testing a subscription service.

For a monthly rate of $9.95, the subscriber would have access to an extended library of content unrestricted from release windows, and presumably in higher-quality and without advertisements. Hulu would continue providing free content, such as Fox’s House M.D. and Glee, and NBC’s The Office and 30 Rock, but limited to the last five episodes to air. Subscribers would have access to all episodes, and additional content.

Hulu is still trailing YouTube in revenue, but is actually turning a decent profit. It doesn’t seem like it will take very long before all programs are available on demand through the cable and satellite companies. In fact, the regional cable company recently visited my office and hinted at a whole new way cable television is experienced in the home, with internet speeds topping 100Mbps.

If only they would allow access from internet-connected home theater devices like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Blu-ray Disc players.

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