iTunes movie downloads supported by every major studio

iTunes movie downloads supported by every major studio

Apple logoIt seems like a lot of HD DVD ex-patriots are now trumpeting digital download. As the largest internet download service, iTunes has garnered the support of every major Hollywood studio for their new movie download service. This is interesting considering the television download service was recently stunned when NBC Universal backed out of their agreement.

It isn’t high-def, but it does come with 5.1 audio (also not high-resolution). The download price is ridiculous though at $3.99-$4.99 per title. When you can get new releases for $1.00 at most grocery stores through a service like Redbox, this cost is too high for my tastes. You do keep the title for 30 days, but you do only get to watch it in a 24 hour period before it is unplayable. Somewhat restrictive – why can’t you just play it as many times as you want within the 30 day period?

Regardless, it seems as if AppleTV will have a second wind with this service. AppleTV take 2 is the same box as the original AppleTV but has a new firmware allowing direct access to the internet, whereas before it played through your computer. It is not clear to me if you can upgrade any current AppleTVs with the new firmware.

UPDATE: HD rentals are available, but only to AppleTV owners. Standard-def rentals can be played on your laptop, computer, etc.

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  1. $4-$5 per title for a 24 hour rental seems like a steep price. I agree with you that Redbox and/or services like Netflix will continue to dominate, due to the lower cost per title.

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