The Downfall of HD DVD: comedy video

The Downfall of HD DVD: comedy video

With Warner announcing a move to Blu-ray exclusivity and the Blu-ray Disc format dominating the spotlight at CES 2008, someone decided to throw together a clip from the Hitler movie ‘Downfall’ and add subtitles that deal with the Blu-ray/HD DVD “war”.

I thought that this parody video was pretty funny, you might too. Check it out in the embedded video below.

I wonder if the Toshiba execs reacted anything like this?

[youtube LB2e7pfZmGA]

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6 Comments on “The Downfall of HD DVD: comedy video”

  1. I think it’s depressing that people are cheer leading the Blu-ray platform with more DRM, more restrictions, fragmentation with profiles, region encoding and clearly something that serves the movie studios DRM obsession rather than consumers interests.

    Note before someone says HD-DVD fanboy I don’t even own either but have been keeping tabs on both, I just cannot see why so many people are cheering HD-DVD’s demise when the war against DRM was going so well.

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