Trans World approves of Warner move

Trans World approves of Warner move

Trans World EntertainmentIf you haven’t heard of Trans World Entertainment, perhaps you’ve heard of the retail stores they own: f.y.e., Suncoast, Wherehouse and Second Spin. Home Media Magazine (who is now pushing for HD DVD to give up) is reporting Jim Litwak, president and COO of Trans World, is enthusiastic about the future of Blu-ray Disc.

“Finally, the customer has an understanding of where this business is going to go and will not be confused,” Litwak exclaims. If these retailers push the format forward, their consumer will definitely know how to upgrade to high-def. He continues, “Blu-ray becomes the new DVD format, which is particularly exciting. We like that a lot.”

If this trend continues in other retailers, I’m not sure theres anything Toshiba can do to mount a comeback.

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  1. Ouch. Toshiba’s only hope to push the HD DVD format may be in computers, making burners and blank media cheaper. However, BD seems to be ahead of that now.

  2. Blu-ray has four of the top five computer companies in the world supporting them. HD DVD has two.

  3. The prospect of decent HD DVD burners went down the tubes when Sony and NEC formed a joint venture (Optiarc). This joint venture is majority owned by Sony and not surprisingly, they ducked out of developing HD DVD burners shortly after the joint venture was formed.

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