Managing Technology for the Post-Digital Era

Many businesses spend a lot of money on digital technologies. They use them to automate their core operations. More than 50 percent of IT executives and firms rely on technologies such as analytics and cloud, according to a survey by Accenture. Technology helps people play in a legal online casino to make a profit. They can withdraw money using credit cards or mobile payments services. Here are four tech trends for the post-digital era.

1. Get to Know Me-Unlock Unique consumers and opportunities

About 1.7 adults globally don’t have bank accounts. Most of them lack financial history and access to finance. They cannot get loans from any bank. Some companies develop new products which cut transactional exchanges between consumers and partners in a customized relationship. They offer individualized experiences to clients by creating one-to-one relationships.

Most IT executives and businesses use digital demographics to identify new markets. They focus on improving the customer experience. Reputable companies forecast the needs of their clients. They need to leverage technologies to build trust with new customers.

2. HUMAN+ WORKER- Hinder the workforce or change the workplace

Each employee has a certain career path. Many organizations struggle to hire workers with certain skills through traditional recruitments. There is a huge demand for top candidates. More than 60 percent of staff in many businesses are likely to shift to new roles soon, according to the Accenture Technology Vision report. Each business should engage and train its employees.

3. Secure Us to Secure ME-Enterprises aren’t victims, they’re vectors

The post-digital era poses certain risks to each business. Investors should understand the challenges each ecosystem-driven enterprise faces. They need to improve their assets’ security to prepare for eventualities. Businesses can adopt distributed responsibility models to address specific security threats.

4. Distributed Ledgers, AI, Extended Reality and Quantum Computing (DARQ)

In the past, social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) helped businesses understand their clients and partners. It helped them create different differentiators. Most businesses need to integrate DARQ technology to cut their expenses and increase their profit. But, it is important to access whether your digital foundation is prepared for DARQ. You will have to combine it with SMAC in its early stages.

Each enterprise needs to digitize its key operations. Many businesses install new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud.They need to manage technology in the post-digital era to achieve their targets.

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