10 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today

Numerous technological advancements have been witnessed over the years. They have significantly improved communication. Technology has played a crucial role in the drastic increase in online casinos. New Jersey punters get golden nugget promotions when they play action games on their phones and desktops. Here the latest tech developments you should know.

image representing retinal scanner technology

1. Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology

Amazon launched a facial recognition software called Rekognition in 2016. It faced a lawsuit after it expressed its will to sell the software to the government. The technology would help in rescuing human trafficking victims.

2. iOS Apps Sends Personal Data to Tracker Companies

Most iOS apps send users’ IP addresses and location to third-party firms, according to The Washington Post. They refresh background data while their owners are asleep thus infringing on their privacy.

3. MacKenzie Bezos’ Donation

McKenzie recently joined the Giving Pledge. She promised to donate over 55 percent of her wealth to charity. Most members of the philanthropic group donate most of their assets to the less fortunate.

4. Amazon’s Venture into the New York City Market

Amazon is planning to set up other outlets in New York, according to the New York Post. The tech firm might soon open a branch in Manhattan.it will occupy over 100,000 square feet.

5. Apple’s Annual Developers’ Conference

Apple will announce new software for Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPads and iPhones in this year’s developers’ meeting. Last Wednesday, the tech firm sent media invites for WWDC. It is optimistic that the new Apple Arcade games will attract many web users.

6. New York Times’ Report on Google Temps, Vendors and Contractors (TVCs)

TVCs face many challenges when they accept certain roles. Most of them hope that they will get full-time jobs after a while. However, some firms pay them a low salary to cut down their operational costs.

7. Netflix’s Stand on Antiabortion Laws

Netflix stated that it might pull out all productions if the government applies the antiabortion laws. It is the first major film production to challenge abortion laws.

8. Tesla’s New Acquisition

Tesla majority shares will be sold soon, according to Scott Galloway. Its shares have dropped by more than 35 percent in recent months. Scott is optimistic that the automotive manufacturer will be acquired soon.

9. Tesla’s Overdue Payments

Tesla has accrued a huge amount of overdue payments. It owes its main metal supplier, Lebronze Alloys (LBA) over $1.78 million. LBA convened several meetings with the firm but it didn’t pay them.

10. The New Fruit-Picking Robot

Dr. Martin Stoelen developed a fruit-picking robot which can collect 25,000 raspberries daily. He is a robotics lecturer at Plymouth University. The robot applies machine learning to identify ripe fruits.

Technology has transformed the casino and gambling, health and transport industries. App developers build sophisticated apps to monitor web user’s health, daily activities, and finance. Some governments use facial recognition apps to identify criminals. Leading tech firms such as Microsoft and Samsung strive to manufacture high-end tech gadgets.

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