Technology In The Developing World

The developing world has been lagging in technology for long. But, has made many technological innovations in the recent past. Some of them have a great impact on education and healthcare. Mobile technology helps sports fans get a Virgin casino bonus when they make and spend deposits within a week. They can use it to play Bubble Craze and Crown of Egypt. Here are several changes which technology has brought in developing countries.

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Call for Advanced Tools

Local firms need to expand their presence in the international market. For example, many African startups struggle to innovate new products. It impedes their long-term success. Many developing countries have embraced digital technology. Farmers use data-driven techniques to increase their yields. Mobile finance has improved the economy of many poor communities.

Developing countries need to make innovations to catch up with developed nations. They should invest in new tools. The World Trade Organization is trying to improve the global economy.

Capturing Opportunities

Technology creates many opportunities for advanced and developing nations. The digital divide is increasing due to the stiff competition of such opportunities. For instance, China is now supporting Tencent and Baidu to develop new technologies. The European Union has a digital single market. It supports cloud computing, computing, and venture capital.

The developing world isn’t dedicating adequate resources to its digital economy. Most poor countries don’t incorporate technology into their economic trends. They need to achieve national development. Thus, it is necessary to design policies which use various technological opportunities.

The Environment

Many developing nations don’t value natural resources such as clean energy and water. Over 1.8 million people cannot access clean drinking water, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The developing world provides drinking water by drilling boreholes and digging protected wells.


Mobile phones provide many people access to crucial information about health. Some developing nations have low awareness of certain terminal illnesses such as cancer. Developing countries can use mobile health technology to educate people about malaria and HIV/AIDS. Health text messaging provides people with health emergency alerts. It reminds them to take their medication on time.

Many technological innovations have been made in the developing world of late. Mobile payment services such as M-PESA help people to send and receive money on their phones. Also, technology has improved communication, healthcare, and transport in many countries. Startups use it to automate their services and reduce their operating costs.

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