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Music by Google coming soon

Music by Google coming soon

On May 10, Google launched Music by Google, a cloud-based service which allows users to upload their music collection and stream it to computers and Android-based portable devices.

The description of the service sounds a lot like Android Cloud Drive. The web interface even looks similar. Google doesn’t have an MP3 store like Amazon, so you will have to purchase your music elsewhere (for now I assume).

However, Google does seem to integrate with the Android devices better. (Of course, they own Android.) The computer library, cloud library, and portable library are always in sync, including playlist selections. One feature that is cool is if your portable device were to go offline, the recently played songs are still available to listen to as they’re now stored on the local hard drive.

Google also has an instant playlist feature like iTune’s Genius Playlist.

Watch this video for more information:

[youtube ZrNhKcxBbZo]

Music by Google is in Beta now, and is only open by invitation. You can request an invitation at the website music.google.com

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