Non-profit Technology can help you do good

Due to time and budgetary constraints, many non-profit organisations tend to put technology way down on their priority lists. However, there is now a major case for why they should be bringing technology back up to the No. 1 position!


In order to assist in allowing the adoption of the latest technology to become an easier, and more affordable, activity for non-profit organisations of all sizes, Microsoft recently launched a brand-new programme for these called Technology for Social Impact, or TSI. It allows for predictable pricing along with standardised discounts, and further makes several Cloud and Hardware offers available for non-profits to take their pick from.

It’s Easier to Invest in IT with Predictable Pricing

Being able to predict what technology expenses will be is important for everyone. Even if you just go online to do your shopping, or enjoy some time at one of the top betting sites available, you need to know how much it’s going to cost you!

This is even more important for non-profit organisations, since proper budgeting is vital to their success, and this is why standardised discounts and pricing would be so helpful. Many non-profit customers have complained about the effects of unpredictable pricing, and noted that it is one of the difficulties of trying to purchase Microsoft Cloud licenses and products.

The new TSI programme will make a standard discount model available, and apply it across all Cloud and on-premises products. This will ensure that non-profit organisations have the transparency they need for their IT planning.

Customised Programmes for Non-profits

There are also an array of non-profits in operation that have a strong desire to adopt the latest technology as it becomes available, but have trouble when it comes to envisioning, designing, and/or deploying the available tech to optimise their missions. The TSI programme hopes to remove these kinds of difficulties by serving non-profits all over the globe and providing Cloud support to those who have need of it.

What You Need to Do

If you have an organisation that qualifies as an eligible non-profit operation, the best way for you to get started making use of this new tech is to work with a Cloud Service Provider, or CSP, which can assist you in determining which kind of license makes the most sense for your outfit and will cut back on budget costs dramatically. The CSP will be able to help you choose what kind of support your team will need regarding the implementation of the technology, as well as what you need to ensure full adoption and utilisation of whatever you eventually end up implementing.

In order to become a CSP certified by Microsoft, IT companies need to meet very particular criteria, including investing in their own infrastructures and demonstrating that their support levels and billing capabilities are up to the high standards set by Microsoft. This is vital for you non-profit organisation because your company needs someone who is able to deliver the kind of service that Microsoft demands, and also knows exactly what’s going at a grassroots-level in order to assist you in the ways you need.

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