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Paramount reengages Blu-ray

Paramount reengages Blu-ray

Paramount PicturesAfter two months of silence, Paramount is back! Last night, Paramount Home Entertainment announced their plans for reentering the Blu-ray market.

Beginning 20 May, the high-def Judas studio will be selling Blu-ray Disc titles once again. The first slate of films will include There Will Be Blood, Cloverfield, Bee Movie, Face/Off and Next. (No Country For Old Men is on their list for August even though it is already out on Blu-ray through Buena Vista Home Entertainment.) They are also reenlisting their previous Blu-ray line up for sale on 20 May, including Babel, Black Snake Moan, and Dreamgirls amongst others.

Their first day-and-date title will be The Spiderwick Chronicles on 24 June. Their major motion pictures should all be released alongside DVD from now on.

I’m excited, especially with Jack Ryan finally coming to Blu-ray! Now all major studios are supporting the next-generation format. The future looks bright for the high-def niche.

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