Pioneer introduces Blu-ray ready HTIB

Pioneer introduces Blu-ray ready HTIB

Pioneer logoIt seems as if there has been a lot going on with Pioneer recently. I’m not a Pioneer shill, they’re just the only company with interesting news right now; everyone else is holding off for CEDIA or something.

The new Elite HTS-LX70 powers a 5.1 surround system. This is a unique system because it uses 4 satellite channels designed for a full surround sound with angled speakers featuring multiple drivers. It utilized MCACC multi-channel room equalization to calibrate the speakers for distance and loudness.

Pioneer Elite HTS-LX70

Another cool feature is a separate display providing all the information the front panel of an A/V receiver in an easy to read fashion. The remote is also well designed and features an illuminated touch screen.

Pioneer Elite HTS-LX70 remote

The receiver can decode advanced audio in Dolby®True HD, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS-HD® Master Audio, DTS®-96/24, and DTS®-ES.

Also included with the package is an iPod interface and XM Connect-and-Play functionality. For only $1,800 this offers quite a bit. It is possible to piece together a system for this much, but this comes with one-remote control straight away, which is a plus.

Correction: This article originally said the Blu-ray player was integrated in this system, and this is not the case. I was confused by a promotional email from Pioneer that said this system “unlocked” the power of Blu-ray. This alluded to the advanced codecs, not to an integrated player. The image (seen above) shows a Blu-ray player, but this is not included. An HDMI 1.3 input facilitates the audio. My thanks to Juan from BluFocus for pointing this out.

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2 Comments on “Pioneer introduces Blu-ray ready HTIB”

  1. Why does the website for Pioneer state that the Blu-ray player is not included??? Very confusing.

  2. Yes, this is very confusing. I received an email from Pioneer that said this was a Blu-ray home theater. It wasn’t clear that the Blu-ray player was not included in that email.

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