Samsung BDP-2400 Blu-ray player canceled (updated)

Samsung BDP-2400 Blu-ray player canceled (updated)

If you were looking forward to get the new Samsung BDP-2400, I have bad news for you; I just received word that Samsung has canceled all plans to release their upcoming high-end Blu-ray Disc player. All orders for the player have been canceled, and the model will not be brought to the market.

There is no word on why this decision was made. If I were to guess, I’d say they couldn’t meet the October 31 deadline for BD 1.0 spec. I hope this means they’re going to have a 1.1 spec player available soon.


Earlier this year, Samsung announced two BD players and a dual-format player. The BDP-2400 was the higher-end model featuring the Silicon Optix HQV Reon processor, and the BDP-1400 was the consumer-level product with nearly identical specs but without the HQV chipset.

Update: The Samsung BD-UP5000 has been moved back to December. The BD-UP5000 is a dual-format player and with this new release date means it is a minimum 1.1 spec, but it has all the required hardware to be a 2.0 spec. This may confirm my assumption that the BDP-2400 was canceled because they couldn’t meet the Oct. 31 deadline.

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