Technology has become an eye opener


Technology is the best thing that has ever happened to humankind. The worst thing that people do is assume. And that is just how this world is made up. It is based on assumptions, people have an assumption about certain parts of the world.

Gone are the days when you would not know the truth unless you travelled and had the first-hand information. You had to be an eyewitness for you to know the truth, be it about a place or country whatever it is.

Now we are so grateful that technology is being advanced on a daily basis. This article will look deep into account the things that were clarified by technology that people did not know about. Obviously we are not going to talk about obvious things, everyone knows these.

Technology: The carpet lifter

Back in the day, people used to rely on one thing only. And that was the telly. News readers and a journalist were the whistleblowers. But that is another issue now. What are we talking about? Gone are the days when the telly was your only source of reference.

For example, we have often heard people complain that people have the thought that Africans ride on elephants to go to school and keep lions as pets. That illusion that was created from back in the days is still there.

But because of technology, you have so many devices and means of using technology that could show you the online casinos in sa.

Children are now exposed to know what is going on in the world that they live in which is rather a good thing. We are talking about the wars, the disputes, the suffering in other parts of the world. That awakens the sense of pathos in them. What another way can you have a child care about the next person?

Technology is moulding a beautiful world. When people look back at it we can bet you this that they will not regret it but rather smile and think to themselves that we did well.

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