The format war titans

The format war titans

Format War 2007It seems like the fanboys on both sides of the format war have someone on their side that uses their public platform to spread propaganda. For some supporters, they’re embarrassing, for other’s they’re emboldening. I am talking of two men in particular: Bill Hunt and Rob Enderle.

Why are these two men so polarizing? They both have positions in the industries involved with a broad reach across many media types and they’re both often quoted as sources. So who are they? What credentials do they have? Since my last table effort was so amazingly accomplished, I figure I’ll make another one just for the hell of it. Note: this should be taken as both educational and entertaining.

Names: Bill Hunt Rob Enderle
Party: Blu-ray Disc HD DVD
History: Started The Digital Bits in 1997 to help promote the DVD format Former Senior Research Fellow for Forrester Research and the Giga Information Group, left (amidst scandal) to start Enderle Group, an independent analysis firm
Accomplishments: Helped rally consumers against the Divx format leading to its defeat. Pushed consumer education and adoption of anamorphic DVDs. Pressured studios to support anamorphic DVDs. Insulted HD DVD community by supporting Blu-ray and advocating against HD DVD Predicted the death of Apple more times than any analyst since 1995. Predicted the death of Bluetooth in 2005. Called Linux supporters “criminals.” Supported SCO Group in SCO v. IBM. Insulted Blu-ray community by declaring Blu-ray should have never existed and likening Blu-ray to “Sony’s Iraq.”
Shill: Sony sponsored a party celebrating 10 years of The Digital Bits as well as Home Theater Forum Employed on Toshiba Advisory Council (yet fails to disclose this in his articles)
Arguments: Blu-ray has more industry support than HD DVD. Blu-ray has more potential. HD DVD is preventing Blu-ray from becoming the standard. Sony is losing lots of money on Blu-ray. HD DVD is cheaper. Blu-ray is preventing HD DVD from being the standard.
Reactions: Dozens of HD DVD supports stop reading The Digital Bits. Bill is called myriad colorful names. HD DVD fanboys claim he should die and his family should die. It’s hard to tell what he’s got from his HD DVD support because hate for him goes back to the ’90s. Of course there isn’t anyone I’ve ever seen a name appear with “idiot”, “moron” and “douche” next to their name more than Enderle.

I’m not posting this to ridicule anyone, I just want to point out that smart people have different opinions. If you disagree with me, I suggest you take a look at political and economic theory over the last several thousand years. It seems we’re all so quick to attack a person instead of their ideas. It must be easier to call someone an idiot than to explain why you think this. Both of these guys have made some rather rough comments about others, but that doesn’t mean we should just attack people.

It seems like in this age of “you,” everyone wants their opinion heard. That’s fine, opinions are good. Some people have more public pulpits for their opinion, and that’s the case with Hunt and Enderle, but we also have to respect other people’s opinions. If your opinion is that Hunt is a douche, that’s fair but it doesn’t add anything to the discussion about HD DVD and Blu-ray.

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  1. “Insulted HD DVD community by supporting Blu-ray and advocating against HD DVD”


    “Insulted Blu-ray community by declaring Blu-ray should have never existed and likening Blu-ray to “Sony’s Iraq.”

    doesnt seem to me like hunt insulted the hd-dvd community? unless they find it insulting to have a different opinion

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