Michael Bay at it again

Michael Bay at it again

Of all the unlikely news-makers in the “format war,” Michael Bay sure nows how to stir the pot. Months back when Paramount and Dreamworks announced they were going HD DVD exclusive, Bay posted on his website that he thought the decision “sucked” and even questioned making Transformers 2 because of it. He retracted the first comment and said he was angry and posted after having a few drinks.

Michael BayNow he has posted again saying, “Microsoft wants both formats to fail so they can be heroes and make the world move to digital downloads. That is the dirty secret no one is talking about.” This rumor isn’t new to the format war observers, it has been made before. He goes on to say, “Microsoft is handing out $100 million dollar checks to studios just embrace the HD DVD and not the leading, and superior Blu Ray [sic]. They want confusion in the market until they perfect the digital downloads. Time will tell and you will see the truth.”

I don’t imagine the post will stay up much longer – just like the first post was taken down. Bay seems to want to connect to his fans, but he really ought to let his publicists post for him. And then maybe he should just stop posting drunk.

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5 Comments on “Michael Bay at it again”

  1. you try to hide it steven, but we know you love hd-dvd. its not hard to gather that much.

    michael bay is speaking his mind, give him some credit.the fact is he says these things because thats how he feels, and he has a better vantage point than any of us, so I wouldn’t disregard it as drunk talk.

    the people who pay him might make him take it down, true, but his words and true feelings are now known to everyone

  2. Actually, I don’t think Steven owns any HD DVD hardware or software, but I’ll let him confirm. I know he does own Blu-ray Disc hardware and software.

    I’m the one with the HD DVD gear. 😉

  3. This is a first. I’ve never been called an “HD DVD lover,” I’m usually called a “Blu-ray fanboy” or a “PS3 freak.”

    I don’t have an HD DVD player. I have a PS3 and about a dozen Blu-ray Discs. But I’m also smart enough to know the world isn’t two-dimensional.

    This happens a lot to me though. I’m called a conservative by liberals and a liberal by conservatives. I’m apparently an idiot because I don’t love Apple but a fool because I don’t like Windows. I’m too worldly to the religious and too spiritual for the world.

    I was supposed to write a bio on myself for Wesley and have failed. I’ll get on that. Wesley has HD DVD and an IT background and I have Blu-ray and a custom integration background.

  4. test3

    I have a lot of respect for people like Bay who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Then again, with the writer strike, he might be bored and looking for a good internet fight.

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