Blu-ray &DVD Steven Kippel on 06 Dec 2007

Disney to add support for D-Box

Disney to add support for D-Box

D-Box Technologies offers a niche product for the home theater enthusiast – a motion actuator for seating. This is a unique product unlike all the “bass actuators” you see out there. D-Box doesn’t just shake your chair, it lifts, drops and shifts your chair much like the theaters you find at an amusement park. Movement is programmed with D-Box Motion Code for each specific movie and the data is part of the DVD’s soundtrack giving each film a unique experience.


Considering only a select bunch of movies even use D-Box technology, it seems like quite an investment to gain an arbitrarily greater theatrical benefit. This may be changing now that Disney has signed up to support D-Box Motion Code on upcoming titles. Fox and Lions Gate have already been releasing DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with D-Box enabled soundtracks, but then only on select titles. Disney will bring Game Plan and The Rock to Blu-ray on 22nd January 2008.

Whether you care about moving recliners or not, it seems like D-Box is looking to significantly grow their niche. They’re already working with gaming companies to bring a more “simulation” feel to games. Sounds fun … for a while I guess.

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