Victorinox Dual Pro X Swiss army knife review

Victorinox Dual Pro X Swiss army knife review

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Victorinox Swiss Army. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was recently sent the Victorinox Dual Pro X red Swiss army knife to review. Victorinox is the original Swiss army knife manufacturer, so their knives carry quite a good reputation. You can’t get a more authentic Swiss army knife than a Victorinox.

Who hasn’t heard of a Swiss army knife? I remember seeing them often as a kid, with the smooth red sides and the swiss cross emblazoned across the surface. There seemed to be an almost infinite number of little tools and trinkets that you could pop out from inside of a Swiss army knife.

The Dual Pro X continues the Swiss army knife tradition, with improved features, such as the nylon non-slip grip.

Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – the package


The Dual Pro X came shipped in a small, simple box that the knife fit into snugly. The box contained the Dual Pro X knife itself and an instructional paper.

Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – specifications

Here are the product details, as listed on the manufacturer’s website:

Size: 111 mm | 4 3/8 inch

One-Hand Locking Blade
One-Hand Serrated Locking Seat Belt Cutter
Phillips Screwdriver
Can Opener with
-Small Screwdriver
Bottle Opener with
-Large Locking Screwdriver
-Wire Stripper
Key Ring

Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – the knife


With the Dual Pro X completely compacted, it measures just 4 3/8 inches and easily fits into a pocket.


With both knives extended simultaneously, the Dual Pro X measures approximately 10 3/4 inches. With just the large blade extended, it measures approximately 7 3/4 inches.

Here’s an even better photo of the knife, straight from the manufacturer.


Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – video demonstration

Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – testing it out

I went to work testing the Dual Pro X Swiss army knife, in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Inside, the Dual Pro X was a very useful tool that helped me get my surround sound system installed in my living room. I used all of the Dual Pro X screwdrivers (small flathead, large flathead, Philips), the knife, the wire stripper and a few of the other tools as well.

Below is a photo of one of my wall-mounted Polk Audio surround sound speakers, which I used the Dual Pro X to get installed.


Outside, the Dual Pro X Swiss army knife has helped me with my gardening and other work. Specifically, it has recently helped me prune and trim my tomato plant in my backyard garden.

Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – Positives

Made from quality materials
Manufactured by the creator of the original Swiss army knife
Modern design
Non-slip grip
Easy to use and operate
Includes many useful tools
Large knife
Knives are sharp
Knife locking mechanism works well
Collapses into a small size for easily storing in your pocket
Lifetime limited warranty

Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – Negatives

Priced higher than other Swiss army knives
Philips screwdriver tool can be difficult to use in cramped areas due to perpendicular locking position

Victorinox Dual Pro X knife review – Summary and conclusion

After using the Victorinox Dual Pro X Swiss army knife over the last few weeks, I’ve had almost 100% positive experiences with it. And although it might be priced higher than some other utility knives, this is a top of the line product, with a large knife and made with “first class steel”, according to the manufacturer. The non-slip grip works well and all of the tools included are useful. All of the individual tools can be extracted and lock into positions that make them easy to use.

I’m happy to have the Dual Pro X as the newest multi-tool in my toolkit. I will most certainly be using it for countless jobs around the house and it will definitely be accompanying me on camping trips.

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