XShot 2.0 Selfie Stick review – camera extender

XShot 2.0 Selfie Stick review – camera extender

The good folks over at XShot were kind enough to send me their XShot 2.0 Selfie Stick camera extender to review.

The XShot 2.0 is a unique camera accessory that functions as a monopod arm extension, allowing you to easily take photos of yourself and others without the need to ask someone else to take the photo.

XShot 2.0 review – retail package

The device arrived in a clean looking hard plastic retail package that had to be opened with scissors.

Xshot 2.0 camera accessory review

The package included the XShot 2.0 itself, an attached lanyard and a cardboard insert that provides specifications and instructions.

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications as described by the manufacturer.

XShot 2.0 review – Features

Durable Metal Shaft
Extends to 37″ / 94 cm
Closes to 9″ / 22.9 cm
Fits all compact cameras
Fits easily in pocket
New support for heavier cameras
New variable length positioning

XShot 2.0 review – Specifications

XShot Weight: 5 oz (142g)
Extends to: 37″ / 94 cm
Closes to: 9″ / 22.9 cm
Max Camera Weight: 1.25 lb (570 g)
P / N: XS2379

XShot 2.0 Selfie Stick review – testing it out

After removing the XShot 2.0 from the packaging, I started playing around with it and testing it out. Instructions are included on the cardboard insert inside of the package, but in reality, it’s instinctively easy to use and doesn’t really require an explanation.

I’ve used the XShot 2.0 to take both photos and videos, using both my Canon SD960 IS camera/camcorder and my Flip Mino HD compact camcorder. Each time I’ve used the XShot 2.0, it has performed wonderfully and allowed me to produce stunning content.

Below is a photo that I took using the XShot 2.0, during our recent trip to St Thomas.

XShot 2.0 review photo

This is definitely one of my favorite photos from the entire vacation. The funny thing is that we actually had someone else snap a few photos of us from across the table before we took this one. When we looked at the photos later, it was no contest, the photo taken with the XShot was by far superior to the photos taken from across the table.

Below is a video demonstration of me using the XShot 2.0 on Sapphire Beach on St Thomas Island, in the US Virgin islands. It was a bit windy the day that I recorded this video, so please excuse the audio noise caused by the wind.

As you can see from the video, the XShot 2.0 can help you capture some excellent videos of yourself, including 360 degree spins to help your viewers get a fully immersive view of your location and surroundings. If you record videos of yourself, then the XShot 2.0 can be an invaluable tool to utilize.

XShot 2.0 review – Positives

Easy to use
Light weight
Take your own photos & video without asking others for help
Extends your reach
Capture unique angles and perspectives
Gets rid of the annoying extended arm seen in many self photos
Compacts down to 9″ to easily fit in a pocket or bag
Rubber non-slip grip & lanyard helps to prevent drops
Easily record video while you turn 360 degrees
Keeps a camera up high to record video or take photos above water

XShot 2.0 review – Negatives

A bit large for a pants pocket

XShot 2.0 review – Summary and conclusion

In my experience using the XShot 2.0, there are virtually zero negatives to be found with the product. The only VERY minor complaint is that it doesn’t quite fit comfortably in a pants pocket, which could result in it being left behind on some occasions. It looks like XShot is already aware of this though, as they’ve now released a new, even more compact version named the pocket XShot, which should comfortably fit in a pocket.

You might also get some strange looks from others while using the XShot, but that can be a good thing! Using the XShot has sparked conversations with strangers and passerby’s, who want to know more about why I have a stick attached to my camera.

The bottom-line is that the XShot 2.0 makes a fantastic addition to any photographer’s toolkit, from the seasoned professional photographer down to the every day, point-and-shoot casual photo snapper. I highly recommend the XShot 2.0, it’s a wonderful accessory that will undoubtedly allow you to capture better photos and better video.

You can pick up the XShot 2.0 Selfie Stick on the XShot website.

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