6 Reason To Recycle Your Unused Electronics

With new technology coming out every day, you may find that you have electronics that you no longer use. Instead of letting these unused electronics gather dust in the back of the closet or pile up in a landfill, you should consider the ways those devices can be reused.

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There are many ways a device can be recycled or refurbished. Among the easiest to recycle equipment are smartphones. Recycling kiosks are popping up everywhere. Simply search for ‘EcoATMs near me’ and take your device to the nearest store with an EcoATM, where you can trade in your phone. Still not convinced? Here are six reasons you should be recycling your electronics:

1. Earn Some Extra Cash

There are many programs that allow you to trade in your used electronics for cash. Gently used and undamaged devices are the most valuable, but most devices are worth something. Smartphones are the most in-demand for recycling, and you can easily recycle your phone at an EcoATM. You may be wondering at this point: where are EcoAtms near me? You can find these kiosks in grocery stores and other stores all over the place.

Before you toss your equipment in the trash, consider trading it in for cash. That cash can help finance your next purchase of a smartphone or laptop.

2. Avoid Disposing of Toxic Materials

The improper disposal of electronics is having a significant impact on the environment, and with the volume of devices that consumers are purchasing every year, that impact will only continue to grow over time.

Electronics contain batteries and a host of other hazardous materials, like lead and mercury, that need to be kept out of landfills. Inside landfills, these metals can sink into the ground and water sources.

Improper disposal poses a risk to more than just the environment. Discarded devices also affect the people who handle the waste. By recycling your devices, you can prevent harm to both people and the environment.

3. Reduce Landfill Space

Not only can you keep hazardous materials out of landfills, but you can also help reduce the amount of space needed for landfills altogether by recycling your electronics. The volume of devices disposed of each year necessitates an increase in landfill space. You can help decrease this through recycling and mitigate the impact of your consumption on the environment.

4. Save Energy

When you recycle your device, you reduce the quantity of raw materials needed and the number of new devices that must be produced to meet consumer demand. This in turn reduces the energy required during the manufacturing process.

5. Create Jobs

Recycling electronics is great for the environment, but did you know it is also beneficial for the economy? You can actually help to create jobs by recycling your devices. As demand for recycling services increases, companies that provide recycling services will need more people to fill positions.

6. Make Electronics More Affordable

When people buy refurbished devices, they often save 20% to 30% more than buying brand new. For many people who struggle to afford to afford electronics, these savings allow them to afford the technology that is necessary to live and work in our technology-centric world. By utilizing EcoATMs and other recycling services, you help to make more affordable devices available to the people who need them.

With these potential benefits and all the easy recycling options, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to recycle your electronics. With recycling, you can feel good about your unused device’s next life, whether you’re looking to decrease your impact on the environment, earn some extra cash, or help people access more affordable electronics.

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