Tips to Reducing the Amount of Help Desk Support Needed

Every organization needs a support desk to enhance mutual communication with their potential customers because they will always make calls, email, or send text messages whenever they have a problem they want to be addressed. Therefore, the interaction is meant to fix technical issues clients are struggling with to ensure productivity, save cost, and offer client satisfaction. However, there is a need to minimize the amount of helpdesk support needed to save money and time. So, let’s discuss some important tips you can use to reduce the amount of helpdesk support in your organization.


Create a self-service online portal

Using the best help desk software to provide an effective self-service portal allows customers to login and get all information they need about the organization’s products and services for themselves without making calls or sending emails. They can also open a ticket themselves and make a request or report a technical error. You can achieve this by creating a 24 hours operating user interface system that gives all options to clients, including how to submit requests, view and monitor the remaining tickets, and access self-service. They should also be shown how to update their profiles and use self-service to create and reset their passwords. A recent study shows that 88 percent of customers in the U.S. and all over the world expect companies offering the service to have a self-service support portal.

Study the concerns of your customers

Find the most frequent concerns clients have raised in the recent past and use them to determine the way forward. You can find the most frequently asked question and answer it to prevent future calls on the same subject. Suppose the information you have collected indicates that most clients have difficulties in logging in to self-service portals after forgetting their passwords. In that case, you can provide an option for retrieval of the password. Ensure you offer the simplest process of doing the same to make work easier for them. Based on the collected data, you can predict the concerns consumers are likely to raise and address them to avoid future calls.

Communicate to your clients early enough

When your organization is planning to undergo maintenance that is likely to affect operations or is organizing a global event that is likely to attract attention, it is prudent to alert customers. This will avoid the numerous attempts to contact the company to find out what’s happening. This can be done by placing the message alerts on the portal and the Interactive Voice Response System. When people are told about what is going to happen, they don’t get surprised and make unnecessary phone calls.

Provide an online knowledge base system

Prepare an online system that provides customer procedures, technical solution documentation, and a list of frequently asked questions and mobilize the consumers to search various data providing answers to their questions. Whenever many customers ask a question, it is recommendable that you answer it and make the answer available to them. Provide detailed and relevant guidelines that clients can enable successful follow-up. For instance, you can educate them on how to place an inquiry and check their status. Many clients prefer to have a knowledge base that they can refer to rather than reaching out to customer service, which may sometimes be hard to reach due to request volumes. For instance, other studies show that 70% of customers use their companies’ websites to find answers to their questions instead of sending emails or making phone calls.

You can outsource the helpdesk services.

Hiring a professional or a company to do the helpdesk duties eliminates the whole time your staff would have spent in providing the services. This enables them to address other critical issues in the organization. The hired company will take up the responsibility of recruiting employees to perform the duties, decreasing the amount of support needed by the internal human resource. The outsourced company will also be able to evaluate their employees’ performance to enhance productivity. Further, most of the organizations that offer these services do them at a relatively lower cost, enabling companies to reduce their customer service expenditure. They also offer 24-hour customer support, ensuring that clients get round-the-clock assistance.

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