Impact of Pennsylvania Online Casino Industry on Tech Section Jobs in PA

2017 was a significant year in the history of gambling in Pennsylvania. On the 30th of October in 2017, the omnibus gaming expansion bill, HB 271, was signed into law by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. In doing so, Wolf made Pennsylvania the fourth state to legalize online gambling, which came as great news to those wanting to legally play online casino games in the Keystone State. It was also big news for those working in the tech industry in PA and we will take a closer look at the impact of the Pennsylvania online casino industry below. 

New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada joined Pennsylvania in making online gambling legal and the Pennsylvania legislation is comprehensive, making online poker, slots, and table games legal. There are a total of 12 licenses available, and the licenses are based on the 12 land-based casinos, covering poker, slots, and table games.

Aside from the work required to make online gambling legal in Pennsylvania, plenty has been happening in the background to make online casinos a reality in the state. iGaming, which involves betting online, has become one of the biggest industries, not only in PA but the whole of the United States. That means a greater selection of online casinos and games but also the possibility of more jobs in the online casino industry.

There are many aspects to running a successful online casino and it all begins with the design of the website. Unfortunately, not all the major online gambling brands in Pennsylvania would have turned to local website designers to produce their website. Many of them would already have a website designed from previous casinos and used the template to create the website for users in Pennsylvania. BetMGM Casino is a good example and if you look at their online casino design for New Jersey and compare it to the Pennsylvania online casino, they look and operate in exactly the same way. Therefore, the introduction of legalized online gambling in Pennsylvania did not have much of an impact on the website design sector in the state, as most of it was already done from a head office.

However, a quick glance at the latest job vacancies shows the impact of the Pennsylvania online casino industry on tech section jobs in PA has been positive. At the time of writing, there are several vacancies for those who have experience or qualifications in specific areas.

One of the major aspects of online casino gambling is player safety. Now more than ever people are at risk when making payments or entering personal details online. Cybercriminals are operating in the shadows and they target websites and apps where people are regularly transferring money and personal information. Online casinos fall into that bracket and people want to know they are safe when gambling online in Pennsylvania. That has created jobs in the iGaming payments and fraud sector of the tech world. The design and utilisation of fraud monitoring tools is big business in the online casino industry and it is a never ending cycle. Interacting with data tools and software plays a significant role in keeping PA online casinos safe and those wanting a job in this sector will need a good degree and knowledge of how the back end of online payment systems work.Even the best online casino PA need top tech graduates collaborating with them to make their websites and apps secure. This is something that is ongoing and will never change as cybercriminals continue to look for new ways around current technology.

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