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Hulu open to the public

Hulu open to the public

Hulu logoA while back you may have heard something about Fox, NBC and other companies getting together to create an online service to provide video content of popular TV shows and movies. Well, it was in beta for months and is now open to the public.

Hulu has a big selection of modern and classic television shows. Everything from The A-Team to Young Hercules. They even have episodes of new shows like Arrested Development, House and Heroes. It’s worth your time to investigate all the offerings.

They’ve also added movies to their list of properties. Boasting more than 50 content providers, including FOX, NBC, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros., and Lionsgate, they’re looking for a huge market share of online video (I wonder if this prospect helped spur on the writer’s strike). Providence Equity Partners even bought in to the the tune of $100-million. Some movies on the list include The Big Lebowski, Mulholland Drive and Live Free or Die Hard.

While the picture is not nearly as good as DVD, and definitely inferior to Blu-ray, the video quality is not too bad, and the interface is user-friendly. I can watch an episode full-screen on my MacBook and it looks acceptable. They are going to be offering high-def content at some point and have HD movie trailers currently so we can look forward to that.

You don’t get Obama Girl on Hulu, but you do get full episodes of your favorite shows. Give it a shot.

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