Blu-ray &Entertainment &Software Steven Kippel on 14 Mar 2008

New sale on Blu-ray at Amazon LogoWith all this ridiculous talk about Blu-ray prices rising, we’re pleased to see a new sale on Blu-ray movies at

Most films are 50% off, and some are over 55% off. It’s a good selection of movies, so feel free to browse the selection. With movie tickets at $10 it’s now cheaper to buy a Blu-ray than take your wife out on a date.

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  1. on 17 Mar 2008 at 7:25 AM 1.what said …

    yeah, so much for blu-ray prices going up after war is over.

    even new releases,
    in the past week I got No Country for old men for $14 and I am Legend for $18, good deals.

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