Things Killed by Smartphones

We all love our smartphones, they literally have all that we need, in one portable device that we can easily customize to suit our needs. And because the smartphone has everything that we need in one place, there are some things that are slowly dying or being killed by the smartphone. While at the same time, there are some things like uk slots online that are growing due to prevalent use of smartphones. Below we shall look at some things that smartphones are slowly causing to become extinct.


If it wasn’t for math and science, we are sure that calculators would be long gone by now, this is as every mobile phone, smartphone or otherwise has a calculator. In addition, we can bet that it has been a while since you bought a calculator. It is one thing that we don’t consider when we buy smartphones but one thing that we expect to be there in every phone.

Mp3 Players

At one point in life, we are sure that every teenager wanted either an Mp3 player or an iPod. This was where we all stored our music all thanks to the SD cards. However, nowadays, it is hard to even find one that being sold on the market. We are sure that a few years from now, they will be extinct.

SD Cards

SD Cards were at some point a thriving business. You could find them being sold at every corner of the street. However, with the rise of smartphones that have at least 8GB of memory most people do not need the SD cards anymore. Like the Mp3 players, it is now close to impossible to find one.


Cookbooks are also another thing that have become extinct, although we are not sure if we should blame smartphones or the internet for thing like casino games online. Cookbooks were once the pride and joy of every home, now however; there are very few homes that still have cookbooks that they use. 

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